Welcome to The Storytelling Hub!

Well, this is it – after a long gestation period (we’re talking decades here), The Storytelling Hub is finally born!

The Storytelling Hub is all about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs tell their stories. It’s a powerful antidote to the “connected yet more disconnected than ever” culture we find ourselves in.

Stories can help educate, entertain, inform, inspire; reunite communities, mend broken hearts, lift spirits and be a powerful catalyst for change. They cut through the digital noise and help us to feel something on an emotional level. As a business tool, they help you bring more authenticity and vibrancy to your audience, compelling them to connect with you.

With a lifetime of storytelling skills and experiences to draw on, I’m excited to help you find the words, images and sounds to tell your stories.

Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing insights here on the blog about the power of storytelling and exploring ways we can use these tools to help our businesses thrive.

I’d love to help you and your business.  Please get in touch to take your brand to a whole new level of connection.

Let’s get started!


The Storytelling Hub offers storytelling services for small businesses including web design, copywriting, content creation, presenting and voiceover.