Professional, results-driven storytelling for your brand.

Storytelling is a powerful way for businesses to create “cut-through”.  And with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram favouring video content, it’s a smart investment to create an immediate, visceral connection with your audience.

Whether you choose video, online or live shows as your medium, a skilled presenter will draw together your objectives and content, communicating in a way that sparks energy in your audience, compelling them to want to know more.

Your presenter can help you tell your story, ask the right questions, and present the content in a way that supports your brand and objectives, and drives your audience to take action.

TV Studio Presenting Green Screen Emma Grant Williams

Authentic, Compelling Storytelling

Inform or inspire, entertain or educate, motivate or mitigate – a professional presenter is an investment in your brand image that will pay for itself again and again.  With 20 years experience in performing and presenting, I can help you create authentic, compelling storytelling to engage your audience and help your business thrive.

Presenting Services

The Storytelling Hub offers professional presenting services – including scripting and structuring if needed – for:

      • brand & product launches
      • television commercials & infomercials
      • corporate videos
      • interviews
      • children’s television
      • online courses
      • documentaries
      • roadshows & expos
      • tutorials & elearning
      • website videos
      • Facebook & Instagram live
      • real estate showcases
      • Youtube
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Live television.

Unscripted. No delay, no commercial breaks.  No way out.

That’s how I got my start in presenting.  Whilst exposing and demanding, live TV is also truly exhilarating and an amazing place to train.  Now, with close to 3,000 broadcast hours under my belt, I’ve developed the craft of creating entertaining, engaging and compelling stories – on the spot – with immediacy and spontaneity.

From intimate audiences to international arenas, my curiosity about people and places forms the centre of my storytelling. And while I’ve had the privilege of interviewing people from all walks of life – inventors, award-winning designers, CEOs, scientists, musicians, photographers, parents and health experts – I love discovering the common threads of humanity that unite us all.

Uluru Emma Grant Williams

My approach has created opportunities with global media corporations, international live broadcasts, roadshows, narration and voiceover, voxpops, interviews, lifestyle editorials, professional development programs and e-learning. For over seven yers I appeared weekly across Australia and New Zealand for TVSN, specialising in health and wellbeing, lifestyle, design and photography.

I’ve had some amazing experiences working with stars such as Patrizio Buanne, Katherine Kelly Lang, David Emanuel, Lisa Hoffman, The Wiggles, Ada Nicodemou and The Koi Boys.  But I’ve also been inspired by people who may not be household names, but whose passion, commitment and spirit shines through.

Above all, I understand that good business needs good relationships, and good relationships need great communication. Powerful storytelling can inspire, educate, compel, heal… and it’s at the heart of any connection with your audience.

I’d love to help you tell your story.


Advanced Diploma Performing Arts  •  Actors Centre Australia (ACA)

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology/Drama)   •  Monash University

TV Presenting  •  ACA, Screenwise

Voice & Text  •  Jennifer West

Doctor Doctor
Jackie  •  Dir: Kriv Stenders  •  Easy Tiger (Channel 9)

Elizabeth Ziegler  •  Dir: Ian Watson/Lynn Hegarty  •  Channel 7

Presenter  •  Dir: Various  •  Direct Group

All Saints
Sandy Quinn  •  Dir: Jean-Pierre Mignon  •  Channel 7

Macquarie – Own Your Career
Presenter   •  Dir: Darren Ashton  •  Macquarie Group

The Filmmaker
Fairy Nuff  •  Dir: Marcello Fabrizi  •  Marshmallow Productions

Uncover New Trax
Lucy  •  Dir: Sean Meehan  •  AJF Partnership

Presenter  •  Dir: Matt Farmer  •  Globalgig

Viscaria  •  Dir: Anna Yanatchkova  •  Metro Screen

Omni TV
Presenter   •  Omni Sparkling

Winter ONEderland
Chloe  •  Dir: Cameron Lee  •  TV1

Relax Kids TV
Presenter  •  Rainbow Room

Desdemona  •  Dir: Arthur Tanaka  •  Classroom Video

Sara  •  Dir: Antonella Franchini  •  Ether Multimedia

Too Close for Comfort
Victoria  •  Dir: Jessica Markham  •  RMITV (Joanna Werner)

The Seagull
Nina  •  Dir: Andrew Lloyde  •  ACA

Michaela  •  Dir: Adam Gelin  •  Bunker Productions

A Lie Of The Mind
Sally  •  Dir: Dean Carey  •  ACA

Richard III
Elizabeth  •  Dir: Sylvia Rands  •  ACA

Sex, Sin: The City
Hope/Sister Davina  •  Dir: Michael Coe  •  Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Golden Age
Betsheb  •  Dir: Andrew Lloyde  •  ACA

Fairy Crystal & Friends
Fairy Dream  •  Dir: Christina Mcleod  •  Fairy Crystal

Miranda  •  Dir: Regina Botros  •  Casting Couch Productions

My Family Tree
Kate  •  Dir: Dean Carey  •  Short & Sweet Festival

On A Good Day
The Lover  •  Dir: Emily O’Halloran  •  ACA

The Onion House
Ellen  •  Dir: Judith Conroe-Shipley  •  Sliced Bread Productions

Truck Stop Moon
Carly  •  Dir: Peter Carmody  •  Short & Sweet Festival

Say Something Happened
June  •  Dir: David Pickup  •  MTG

The Matchmaker  •  Dir: Matthew Emond  •  ANPC

The Man Most Likely To …
Shirley  •  Dir: David Pickup  •  MTG

Murder, Misadventure & Miserable Ends
Narrator  •  Bolinda Audiobooks

The Red Shoes Podcast
Presenter/Producer  •  The Red Shoes Group

Macquarie Foundation
Narrator  •  Macquarie Group

Product Promos  •  Direct Group

Relax Kids TV
Guided Meditations  •  The Rainbow Room

Website Tutorials  •  Globalgig

Omni TV
Travel Guides •   Omni Sparkling

US • English • Welsh • French • Irish • New Zealand

Tennis • Horse Riding • Yoga • Skiing • Swimming • Abseiling

Latin • Ballet • Jazz • Tap • Irish • Ballroom

Piano • Soprano & Alto Recorder • Ukulele

Pop• Musical Theatre

Aerial & Static Trapeze • Stage Combat

NIDA • ACA • Brent Street • Oz Tots • Relax Kids • Royal Children’s Hospital


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