Podcast production services for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Podcasts are a powerful way to boost your brand profile, add value to your business and reach new clients all over the globe.  Podcasts are changing the face of digital storytelling, tapping into our desire to feel connected to others and the world around us.  We’re all time poor, and struggle to read the endless emails, news articles and magazines.  But it’s easy to download a podcast and listen to it while we drive, cook, even drift off to sleep.

It’s an intimate medium that gives you the opportunity connect with your audience on a more emotional level, bring some sparkling humour to your brand, or add value to their day with information, inspiration or motivation.

Whether you want to:

    • create a community
    • boost your brand presence
    • establish an area of expertise
    • reach new customers
    • add value for existing customers
    • enhance and build on your other content
    • drive visitors to your website

A well-made podcast can help you do all this and more.

Create A Personal Connection

When someone listens to your podcast, they let you into their everyday life.  They are literally hearing your brand’s voice in their head.  This is your opportunity to bring something more personal to your business and reach your target audience without the hard sell.  They get to know, trust and value you as an expert in your field.

They’re affordable to produce, and with the playing field offering huge reach, you can really find your tribe!

But… it has to be well done.  And because it’s such an intimate medium (with the vast majority of people listening through headphones), lacklustre content or production will see your listeners hit unsubscribe in a matter of minutes.

Broadcast Quality Podcast Production

The Storytelling Hub creates engaging, broadcast quality podcasts for your brand or business, and can take care of every step along the way, with service including scripting, recording, hosting, producing and publishing on platforms such as iTunes.


Create a personal connection

Strengthen your brand

Grow your audience.

We can support you with:

The Storytelling Hub Services

Podcast Scripting

Create a podcast story structure to keep your listeners engaged.

The Storytelling Hub Services

Podcast Production

Record, edit & produce your podcast, ready to share with the world.

The Storytelling Hub Services

Podcast Hosting

Have a great idea for a podcast, but don't want to host it yourself? We can help.

Need a tailored podcast solution?