Your unique brand story sets you apart from the crowd.  It’s vivid, engaging, compelling.  

Stories connect with us on an emotional level, speaking to our dreams, hopes and fears, long before we intellectually understand it.  They have the power to paint vivid pictures and evoke emotions, bypassing the corporate armour and jargon that can plague so many brands. A great brand story encapsulates what you’re about, what you offer and how your audience is going to feel buying a product or service from you.

Working in Direct Response Television for many years, I was fortunate to witness the power of storytelling first hand.  I worked with thousands of brands to launch their products and learnt how to uncover and draw out their authentic, engaging brand story.  I would see it happen time and time again: whether it’s a kitchen appliance or a diamond necklace, the story makes that powerful connection and compels your audience to take action.

But I noticed that many smaller brands and businesses were so busy wearing their numerous hats that their story wasn’t as clear and compelling as it could be.  And therefore their business wasn’t getting the boost it could be.  I realised that taking the time to crystallised your business offering in an investment that can pay for itself again and again.

How can we help you?

Maybe you’ve worked in your business for many years.  You know it inside out: what it is you do, who your market is, who your competitors are – but you find it difficult to connect with your potential customers.

Or maybe you’re just starting out, fuelled with passion and inspiration but needing to channel that fire into a clear and compelling story that powerfully communicates who you are.

We can uncover your unique brand story – built on your values, strengths, passion and purpose – and help you stand out in the crowd.  This is a cornerstone of your business, and once you have this, it helps guide everything else you do: your website design, the way you communicate with your audience, your words and content, and your inspiration when you’re being challenged.

Get in touch and find out how we can work together to strengthen your brand, clarify your vision and attract your ideal audience.

We can help you tell your story.