Sparkling copywriting to make your brand irresistible.

Great copywriting (aka. words) can establish your business as a trusted authority in your chosen field.  It has the power to create emotional connection to your personal brand, products and services.  It lets your customers know that you can solve their problems.  And most importantly, it makes them feel something on a gut level that compels them to take action.

Whether you need copy for your website, products, packaging or advertisements, we love to bring beautiful words to your brand and sales to your door.  Fresh, enticing copywriting gives energy and life to your business, drawing your audience in and compelling them to connect with you.  It’s an investment that will pay for itself again and again.

With specialties including (but not limited to) copywriting for health and wellbeing, personal development and creative arts, we love working together to help your business soar.

Explore our copywriting services below, read some of our reviews, and then get in touch to chat about your project.

Copywriting Services


I need SEO-optimised web copy to increase my exposure


I want engaging, compelling advertising copy that sells


I need vivid product descriptions to make my offerings irresistible!


I need great copy to enhance my product & customer experience

Website Copywriting

Over half the world is now online, allowing you to reach customers across the planet!  But the average visitor spends 15 seconds on your website, so how do you keep them engaged?

Maybe you need:

    • a sharp landing page to capture your audience’s attention
    • an engaging brand story to inspire trust & credibility
    • SEO-optimised copy to boost exposure
    • brand new content
    • refinement of your existing content
    • increased brand credibility
  • Scintillating web copy can do all of this with energy and excitement.  Combine that with beautiful website design, and your audience starts to imagine what it might be like to do business with you.

    Let us focus on finding the right words; you focus on doing what you love.

The Storytelling Hub Website Copywriting
The Storytelling Hub Advertising Copywriting

Advertising Copywriting

Whether it’s in print or online, great advertising copy should create a lasting impression.  And when it’s complemented by beautiful images and strong graphic design, you can paint a powerful picture in very few words.

Advertising copy is your opportunity to communicate with your audience and change them in some way. 

Whether you want your advertising to inspire, educate, move, inform or compel your audience, we can help you deliver your message with maximum impact.

Product Descriptions

You have a website.  You have products, you have images, you have potential customers.  Great.  But what about your product descriptions?

It’s an often overlooked area of ecommerce, but your product and service descriptions are the life spark of your offerings.  Far more than technical specifications, they’re your opportunity to put your product into your audience’s lives, making them feel something on a gut level that will compel them to take action.

Whether you’re an online boutique, service provider or entrepreneur, well-crafted, vivid product descriptions can drive your sales, increase your upsells and have your audience reaching for their credit cards.

Let’s make sure you never miss a sale.

The Storytelling Hub Product Descriptions
The Storytelling Hub Packaging Copywriting

Product Packaging

Far more than just the wrapping, your product packaging can add huge value to your customer’s experience of your brand.

Whether it’s to:

    • tell your story
    • highlight a product’s benefits
    • create a sense of brand luxury and quality

Packaging copywriting can create an emotional connection between your customer and your brand… often in very few, very well-chosen words.

  • It’s the seemingly small details that can transform a one-off purchaser into a loyal customer.  Let us help you create that magic!

Need great copy?